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Star Hematite Bracelet

Star Hematite Bracelet
Star Hematite Bracelet
Star Hematite Bracelet
€ 19.95
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Goldplated chain bracelet with stars made of hematite (gemstone) and beads made of bone

Hematite can sometimes be called ‘Black Diamond’. The name comes from the Greek word for blood. It has been used as an amulet against bleeding, and so is known as the "blood stone".
It was associated with Ares the god of war and later on with the Romans, who called this god Mars. In fact, the Romans would adorn themselves with Hematite and even use it to paint their faces. It was said to make one fearless and invincible.
This powerful grayish black stone has been used for centuries as an alternative form of healing. It's history dates back to ancient Egypt when the stone was used to stop blood flow and remove poisons from the body.
Hematite is also used to improve relationships. If you need your personal relationship to be better, carry a hematite with you always. The gemstone hematite is said to bring inner peace and dissolve negative energy into love.
All Style & Pepper jewelry is handmade. To keep your jewelry in perfect shape, avoid contact with water, cosmetics and perfumes. Gemstones are unique products of nature, so the actual product may vary slightly from the picture.
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